Cyberskin - what is it, how to care for a cyber skin doll?

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Cyberskin - what is it, how to care for a cyber skin doll?

Cyberskin - what is it, how to care for a cyber skin doll?

Cyberskin is nothing more than a combination of silicone and several other materials (including thermoplastic elastomer and polyvinyl chloride). As a result, it resembles human skin (e.g. to the touch) and imitates its color. Cyberskin is currently used on a very large scale, incl. in the production of various sex toys and cyber skin dolls. Find out what to watch out for and how to care for a cyberskin doll.

What is a cyberskin?

Cyber ​​leather has several important features, namely it is pleasant to the touch, but also slightly porous. You need to be fully aware that you need to properly care for it and take care of it. Thanks to this, all impurities and dirt are removed from it. It is best to use only clean water for this.
The most important properties of cyberskin are:
- softness and friendliness to the touch,
- durability, strength and flexibility,
- heating during friction,
- realistic look,
- plasticity,
- easy return to the original shape.
All the above-mentioned properties mean that cyberskin finds a wider group of supporters among producers
love dolls and sex toys.

Cyber ​​skin - what should you watch out for?

It is worth emphasizing that cyberskin does not contain phthalates, so it should not cause allergies, but some caution should be exercised in this regard (especially during the first contact with a sex toy). It is best to carefully analyze the materials from which the adult sex doll was made and refer it to your own allergies. With any allergic reactions, see a doctor as soon as possible. The use of sex toys made of cyberskin should be very carefully considered. Such accessories should only be combined with water-based lubricants.
At the same time, the following is avoided:
- silicone gels,
- scented gels,
- lubricants that are not water-based.
Each cyberskin doll should be accompanied by instructions for use, storage and care. Thanks to this, potential users will dispel their doubts and will know how to handle the purchased gadgets so as to extend their life and not be exposed to any unpleasant experiences. Cyber ​​leather products are best stored in a cool and dark place, out of the reach of children. They are cleaned with clean water or antibacterial soap (do not reach for talcum powder).

Cyber ​​skin doll - how to deal with damage?

Cyber ​​skin dolls are stretchy and flexible, but you also have to be careful about tearing them apart (especially with "wild" bed games). If you put too much force on them, or if you don't care for them properly, you can be sure that they will suffer serious damage over time. Sometimes it will be necessary to purchase a new gadget. Cyber-leather erotic toys should not be thrown or bound with lines.

Repairing cyberspace dolls is not too complicated, but it pays off to outsource it to real professionals. Cyber ​​leather glue is used for this, thanks to which the damaged fragments can be easily glued and restored to their original state. Such adhesives can be purchased in many online stores (for little money).
Sometimes a cyberskin doll stain remover will turn out to be a bull's eye. Staining your silicone sex doll is a pretty big problem, but don't panic right away. It is important not to use traditional stain removers as this will damage the skin in the love doll you are using. Cyber ​​leather sex toys are used at many stag or hen parties, but also at home, so it would be useful to learn more about them, so as not to make any mistakes along the way.

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