How to clean and care for your sex doll?

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How to clean and care for your sex doll?

How to clean and care for your sex doll?

Are you wondering how to clean sex dolls and what their care should look like? We will show you some useful ways to keep your love doll fresh and serve you for many years. Love dolls are really expensive toys, so it's a good idea to keep them in the same condition. If you take good care of her, she will repay you the same;) So everything is in your hands!

Sex doll bath

The love doll should be thoroughly cleaned, preferably after each use, to fully take care of its hygiene. We recommend bathing the sex doll in the bathtub (the most convenient way), but also in the shower . We recommend washing it with a delicate washing gel or for intimate hygiene to get rid of microorganisms from the area around the vagina and anus.
It is important that the liquid is colorless or in a milky shade so that it does not stain the body!
Place your doll in a position that is more comfortable for you so as not to submerge her head in water - it's best to do it with her. Wash your face and body with gentle movements with a cloth . Pay attention to the surface of the sponge so that it does not irritate the skin of the sex doll and does not rub it too much when bathing.
Finally, use a soft towel or handkerchiefs to wipe your love doll. Wipe it thoroughly, as the residual water in its stomata can cause an unpleasant smell of growing mold. Remember never to use warm air from a dryer. This can irreversibly damage the skin or melt it.
If you want to take full care of your woman, use baby powder after drying to remove unwanted moisture from her holes. You can find it in most drugstores with cosmetics.

how to wash a sex doll The sex doll bath can be in the bathtub or in the shower.

Care of the holes in the love doll

You should wash your vagina, mouth or anus immediately after use. As a result, you will avoid the unpleasant smell emitted by the growth of bacteria. It is best to use the irrigator supplied with the set. It is used to accurately reach hard-to-reach intimate places with a stream of water. Rinse these parts with lukewarm, clean, soapy water. Apply the baby talcum powder to the inside of the love doll holes as well.

Sex doll skin care

If you want to take full care of your woman, use baby powder after drying to remove unwanted moisture from her holes. You can find it in most drugstores with cosmetics. The surface of the body is initially sticky and will become velvety and smooth . This seemingly unnecessary activity will prevent damage to the doll's body.
Pay attention to the materials the clothes are made of for your doll. Synthetic, coarse or darker clothes can simply color the doll 's skin due to the pigment they contain. Avoid your woman's contact with printing inks in e.g. newspapers, magazines, printouts or cardboard boxes.
Use water-based cleaning agents!
Remember not to have a greasy consistency, such as body oils, oils or creams based on fats.
Don't expose your sex doll to full sun! Hot and extremely cold temperatures have a negative effect on the condition of the doll's skin. After contact with sunlight, you are exposed to the aging of the material .

Take care of your sex doll's skin to make it smooth and velvety

Skeleton maintenance

Your personal sex doll is made of a metal skeleton and many movable joints like a completely real human. Thanks to them, she can perform a wide range of movements. Place her in any sexual position for you , because it has mounting screws inside the joints, among others. in the knees, feet, elbows, arms and hands . The above parts of the body realistically reproduce the folds of the skin in real women.
The metal skeleton is stable and creates a strong support for the whole body of the doll, but it can weigh a lot. So be careful when picking up the doll, so as not to hurt yourself.
Don't throw it and hit it against hard, sharp objects!
The skin of the love doll is very flexible , but it also has its limits. Do not force the doll to stretch as you can permanently damage the fabric, reducing its hardness and quality . Store it in an upright position , i.e. leaning against a wall or hanging its body on a special hook. A lying position on a soft surface will also work well.
Remember to change the position of its arrangement often so that the skin does not deform!

Maintaining the skeleton of a love doll

Taking care of your sex doll's hair

Hair is a really important female attribute , so you need to do your best to keep her hairstyle in pristine condition. It's worth investing in a few wigs for your love doll to allow yourself a bit of fantasy when changing your hairstyle.

Take care of your sex doll's hair

In the first step, remove the wig from the doll's head and wipe it with a wet tissue to clean the surfaces . If possible, keep your wig on a stand, so your hair won't tangle. Detangle the wig with smooth movements, from bottom to top, gradually moving higher and higher. Hair should be neatly combed.

Basics of use

Sex love doll is your private toy , so don't share it with strangers. We recommend that you use condoms when having sex with your doll to maintain impeccable hygiene. Go ahead and use lubricants, so-called lubricants , so that the doll's holes do not tear.
Remember that the lubricants should be WATER BASED.
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