How to have sex with a love doll?

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How to have sex with a love doll?

How to have sex with a love doll?

We are often asked in this industry from love doll fans what are the best positions for sex with a doll ? Fortunately, we come to your aid and have many useful answers to this question ready! In general, love dolls can do exactly the same thing as a real woman. Her body does not limit her in any way, and even allows her to do much more. We advise you to choose positions on the bed rather than standing up. This is because the standing feet of the love doll are not that stable. Putting your love doll on both legs is really beautiful to look at, but if you don't move her feet while standing up, it will help you have more passionate sex with more pleasure. Therefore, having sex with them on the bed, sofa, in the car, on a desk or against a wall is the best option.
The following 5 items for sex with a doll are just suggestions on how you can experience amazing sensations and awaken your senses with your love doll. We remind you that modern adult sex dolls are available in our store

1. Sex with a silicone doll - A standing dragon

A standing dragon is one of the most popular sex positions with a silicone doll . Then take your sex doll to the bed or other comfortable place. Remember to place extra soft cushions under the knees and elbows of the love doll to avoid rubbing its delicate skin on rough surfaces. You will have a lot of freedom and free hands that you can use otherwise;)

2. Sex with a sex doll - Bike

A simple and very passionate position for sex with Laxa . Take your sex doll to the very edge of the bed, lift your legs up and slowly spread your thighs apart. Spread her legs until she's all wet while you look down on her gorgeous, red-hot body. Let go of all your inhibitions and indulge yourself fully in her deep, tight fake pussy that will be set in the perfect position for long sex.

3. Sex with a sex doll - Cowgirl

If you are ready to put yourself in the hands of your love and sex with a sex doll this is the perfect position for you cowboy! Let the sex doll ride you like a wild horse. As she jumps up and down like crazy, she lets you penetrate her vagina with your penis. Get carried away and this time be submissive;)

4. Sex with a love doll - Teaspoon

Your private lover is bigger? This is a great way to have sex with a love doll . Put her in front of you  yourself on your side and slowly shove your gear into her pussy. Enjoy the gentle penetration of the doll without stress and tension, as it is even tighter in this position. Try to insert it at different angles to achieve your favorite state. This love doll sex position is also great for falling asleep immediately after a successful intercourse.

5. Sex with a cyberskin doll - Missionary (modified form)

Create your own moves, pace and timing! 
In this position, men learn to slow down the pace of sex and gain their control over the timing of their ejaculation. Reach maximum sexual enjoyment with your cyberskin doll thanks to more thoughtful penis movements.
The missionary position allows you to enjoy your passion with your cyberskin sex doll without being rushed.
Lay your cyberskin doll flat in the bedroom to relax. Open your thighs gently and enjoy the full penetration of her stomata. During this time, you are so close to each other that you can indulge in passionate kisses.