Which sex doll should you choose? - create the perfect one!

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Which sex doll should you choose? - create the perfect one!

Which sex doll should you choose? - create the perfect one!

1. Shop selection and overview of sex doll manufacturers

It's getting harder and harder to decide to buy your first sex doll when there is such a huge selection of sellers on the market and, above all, manufacturers who create these amazing products. Love dolls are really a big expense for many of their lovers, because they can cost from 2-3 thousand to even 10 thousand up depending on additional functions. It is a real investment for years, so you need a thorough and reliable reaserch. Individual models of dolls differ from each other, among others the size, appearance, material and workmanship quality, and of course the equipment.
If you want a satisfactory purchase of sex lacquer, your plan must include:
- Producer's.
- Size.
- Appearance.
- Technologies of material and workmanship.
- Personalized functions and extras.
So which sex doll manufacturer should you choose?

There are relatively fewer companies on the European market that specialize in creating love dolls from scratch, compared to manufacturers from the United States or China. Most often, sex dolls are already transported to Europe, from large factories overseas.
If you have the opportunity to invest a large part of your budget to buy a doll, we recommend American companies such as -Real Dolls. This is a treat for technology fans, because the manufacturer puts a lot of effort into introducing new, improved functions, such as blinking or facial expressions, to make his love dolls for real women as real as possible. Its products have modern mechanisms that are technologically ahead of other creators on the market.

Choose the right sex doll manufacturer

On the other hand, Chinese producers offer lower and highly competitive prices. However, it is worth staying vigilant when using their services. We often hear about situations where a customer ordered a dream doll, and a mannequin of poor quality and workmanship passed. Here the Knetsh and WMDoll brands come to the rescue, which are reliable and highly appreciated among sex doll fans.

2. Weight and size of the sex doll

Proportionally, as the doll's weight and height increases, so does its price. Love dolls are available from 100 cm, and sometimes even 70 cm to even 180 cm. The classic range, based on the popularity of the products ordered by customers, is rather from 140 cm to 170 cm. Small sex dolls are very popular. Weight is also important in choosing. Some models come with a heavier and lighter frame, making it easier to carry your doll without putting stress on your spine. As a standard, their weight ranges from 20 to 50 kg. Check what skinny sex dolls look like.
The most beautiful thing about sex dolls is that everyone will find something for themselves. We can choose from a range of shapes and colors in which we can choose. Lovers of huge breasts can count on the "Papaya breast" line. Thanks to it, our doll will strain the large, hanging breasts. In our store you will findsex dolls with big tits or sex dolls with big curves . Such modifications make the doll heavier, but it does not take away the fact that we can freely maneuver the figure of our woman.

Sex dolls are available in sizes from 70 cm to even 180 cm.

3. The appearance and additional functions of a sex doll

The basic elements to choose from when customizing a sex doll are of course: lenses (eye color), fingernails and toenails, wigs, pubic hair and the shape of the nipples. At the base of each love doll there is a frame or metal skeleton, which corresponds to mobility and flexibility. Standard models cannot stand on their feet independently. For this, you need an additional paid standing function, which consists in implanting stabilizing supports in the legs. However, manufacturers do not recommend placing the doll in a standing position for long periods of time.

The basic elements for choosing a sex doll are, for example, the color of the eyes or nails

We can non-invasively influence the appearance of a sex doll by, for example, buying sexy lingerie or any styling. To accurately hit the size of your clothes, you only need to measure the circumference: waist, breast and hips of your woman. The choice of a sex doll store where you will buy creations is individual and depends on your taste. Of course, not forgetting the possibility of dyeing the doll's skin. An interesting idea is an artificial pussy heater connected via a USB cable. This will improve your comfort during sex and enrich the sensation.