Sex doll - how to decorate and embellish it?

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Sex doll - how to decorate and embellish it?

Sex doll - how to decorate and embellish it?

Do you dream of stimulating your innermost sexual fantasies, but you don't know where to start? It has long been known that the best part of bed frolics is foreplay. It should be long and interesting for both partners. Before going into action, take care of the visual aspects of your sex doll. The woman you chose probably already has your dream facial features, as well as a sexy body - now it is enough to decorate it with something;)
In the article below, we'll provide you with some suggestions for changing the look of your sex doll. It is enough to change it beyond recognition and to awaken your passion again. We will make you scratch underwear with your teeth as soon as you enter the house.

Why is the sex doll outfit so important?

The answer is simple. As humans, we even subconsciously judge others by appearance. Clothing is simply the easiest way to get your excitement and excitement back into your mind. Sometimes all you need to do is use lube and get straight to the point with your sex doll . However, if you want to keep your relationship not monotonous and flourishing, invest in a new outfit or accessories for your sex doll. Perhaps you will discover your romantic and sensitive version that you have never known before.
Just the thought of sexy red lingerie, pussy-tight fishnets, and lace stockings makes you hot.
Why be in such a hurry? Extend your bedroom experience and slowly strip her naked. With such extra activity, your bond will be stronger and your sex doll will turn visually into a truly realistic woman.

The sex doll costume is very important!

Have fun dressing up and role play

Most are associated with games for kids at carnival or Halloween. It is an interesting addition, also for adults. Have you ever had rude thoughts about a policeman having sex with you in the police car? Or about a teacher giving you a blowjob under the desk at school? Try it in your bedroom by getting yourself and your sex doll hot outfits to role play. This opens up many new possibilities in bed. The limit is only where your imagination is. After all, all fantasies can come true!

Get yourself and your sex doll hot outfits for role play

1 wig and 100 different sex doll ideas

Hair is one of the greatest female attributes - for good reason! A sex doll usually has a wig attached in advance or a random one to the set of accessories. Wigs can be put on and taken off freely, so nothing is blocking you from changing your hairstyle or hair color. A new haircut is a quick, budget and radical change most of you can afford. So we recommend that you invest in a pair of extra wigs to play with the sex doll style. Make your mistress several different characters. The sex doll yesterday was a redhead prostitute, today she is a blonde, innocent beauty, tomorrow she will be a hot brunette. The decision is yours!

Sex doll - Paint it however you like!

Hell for all men, that is makeup. Remember how many times you had to wait for a woman to finish painting? Who doesn't know it? Fortunately, with your sex doll, that won't hurt you anymore. Now YOU are responsible for its cosmetics and you can use them at will. Would you like luscious red lips? Or maybe for cute pink cheeks? Make your sex doll look like a real adult movie star when she takes your dick in her mouth. Practice your makeup skills on her and change her face with a few moves.

Take her shopping!

Every woman likes to be pampered by a man. Follow the advice above and take your sex doll to the mall. If you prefer, leave it at home to have a surprise when you come back from shopping. Buy yourself and your sex doll a pair of bedside gadgets, such as handcuffs, a whip, harnesses or even an eye mask. Go to the lingerie store and ask the saleswoman to choose a bra or panties for your sweetheart. Provide yourself with a little thrill, let the others wonder who this sexy outfit is for.

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Hygiene is essential

First of all, keep the accessories for your sex doll clean. Remove any clothes from the love doll after use to avoid irritating or conditioning the skin. Clothes should be washed, from time to time in accordance with the inscription on the label. Not all fabrics are good for her, so be careful with staining fabrics. The dye from them can permanently stain the doll. Use cotton pads and a tonic to remove makeup. In the next article, we described how to clean and care for your sex doll .