Silicone sex doll or TPE - what material to choose?

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Silicone sex doll or TPE - what material to choose?

Silicone sex doll or TPE - what material to choose?

Investing in a modern sex doll makes a lot of sense, and this includes due to the fact that such dolls are durable, functional and have a long service life. An additional advantage is the fact that they will satisfy every male whim. This is a purchase for many years, so it should be very carefully thought out, mainly in terms of choosing the material from which the sex doll was made. There are two basic options to choose from, namely silicone sex doll and TPE sex doll. It's worth getting to know their strongest points.

TPE sex dolls - why should you buy them?

TPE material is nothing but a thermoplastic elastomer. Dolls in this category are enjoying increasing popularity because they are realistic, pleasant to touch and available at relatively attractive prices (compared to silicone sex dolls ). Thanks to such TPE dolls, you can deal with loneliness or disturbed male-female (sleeping) relationships. Sex dolls with TPE can be set in different positions so that you can freely have oral, classic or anal sex with them. It all depends on men's needs and expectations.
It is worth emphasizing that the TPE material is also easier to process (e.g. dyeing, and additionally does not need vulcanization and can be reused). Of course, each product also has its weaknesses. In this case, it should be mentioned that TPE sex dolls are quite sensitive to overheating and the material itself is difficult to care for / keep 100% clean. Over time, slight deformation and discoloration may appear on it.

Silicone sex doll - how will it surprise your customers?

On the other "pole" there are silicone sex dolls , which are admittedly a bit more expensive than those made of TPE material, but are durable, durable and have no problems with obtaining the desired degree of hardness or softness. Silicone sex dolls are perfect for having sex every day. A silicone sex doll is less susceptible to dirt and debris, so it will be easier to care for and clean. An additional advantage is the fact that silicone sex dolls do not absorb water and have a pleasant to touch and smooth surface. This is what they dominate over other models.
Silicone should not deform and discolor with the passage of the following months. However, some people believe that modern silicone sex dolls are not as realistic as those made of TPE material. It is worth assessing for yourself.
Thanks to sex dolls from this group, you can:
- find an outlet for your sexual energy,
- gain completely new experiences and transfer them later to the bedroom,
- eliminate the bedroom routine,
- deal with the lack of a real woman.

Each interested man should test both of the above-mentioned products and, on this basis, choose the best one for himself, thanks to which he will have no problems with reaching orgasm. The sex doll is easy to store (regardless of the material from which it is made), and besides, it always wants to have sex, which should satisfy the most demanding users in the first place.
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