1. In the event of a defect in the goods, the Consumer has the option of complaining about the defective goods on the basis of the warranty or guarantee provided for in the Civil Code, provided that the guarantee has been granted.
  2. Using the warranty, the Consumer may, on the terms set out in the Civil Code:
    1. submit a price reduction statement,
    2. in the case of a significant defect - submit a statement of withdrawal from the contract,
    3. demand that the item be replaced with one that is free from defects,
    4. demand that the defect be removed.
  3. The seller asks you to submit a complaint based on the warranty to the postal or electronic address indicated in § 2 of the Regulations. Biestrzyków, ul. akacjowa 22 (55-010)
  4. If it turns out that in order to consider the complaint, it is necessary to deliver the defective goods to the Seller, the Consumer is obliged to deliver the goods at the Seller's expense, to the address Biestrzyków, ul. Akacjowa 22 (55-010)
  5. If the product has an additional guarantee, information about it, as well as about its conditions, is available in the product description in the Store.
  6. Complaints regarding the operation of the Store should be sent to the e-mail address
  7. Consideration of the complaint by the Seller will take place within 14 days.
  1. In the event that the complaint procedure does not bring the result expected by the Consumer, the Consumer may use, inter alia, With:
    1. mediation conducted by the competent Provincial Inspectorate of Trade Inspection, to which you should apply for mediation. As a rule, the procedure is free of charge. The list of Inspectorates is available here: ;
    2. assistance of the competent field of permanent amicable consumer court operating at the Provincial Inspectorate of Trade Inspection, to which an application should be submitted for consideration of the case before the arbitration court. As a rule, the procedure is free of charge. The list of courts is available at: ;
    3. free help from the municipal or poviat Consumer Ombudsman;
    4. ODR internet platform available at: .