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I'm Johny, your muscular, naughty new boyfriend. I'll give you
anything you want. I will take care of you and show you how they play in the bedroom
real men. The prince on a white horse is coming for you!

What can you expect from our guys?

  • Features a super tight, ribbed anal canal for an unforgettable,
    better than the actual experience. The holes are specially designed for
    sexual use by men, fitting tightly to your penis.
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame With Movable Joints - Set
    Go in a variety of wild poses!
  • Extremely realistic delicate skin for a pleasant touch,
    kissing and hugging. His perfectly sculpted chest muscles
    your chest and belly will be soft and firm under your hands, and his
    the body will move with you as you rub against it.
  • Intended for unisex use: will please you whether or not
    you are male or female.
  • The bendable, always-standing penis can be adjusted to your perfect shape.
  • The USB heater allows you to preheat its tight