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You're probably wondering which sex doll to choose?

The answer is simple: EVERY TASTE IS DIFFERENT.

One of the first things you'll notice about our sex dolls,
is the attention to detail that is inherent in each of them. They are not products
massive. These are the best love dolls available on the Polish market not without
reason: each of them is a work of art.
Positioning, aesthetics, realistic expression and details such as color
eyes, interchangeable wigs, give each of them a surprising individuality and
detail. From the gentle line where the neck meets the
arm, curvature under the breast, cut of the hip or slight twist
on the wrist, these dolls have been carved with the thought of appreciating the human form.
Through different types of skeleton structure can be made realistic
appearance, which is very important to some of our customers who are
stimulated more visually than by physical touch. But for those who
appreciate the touch of a warm body, some of our dolls allow
increasing stimulation where it matters.
Thanks to the standing feet, your doll can also stand on its own legs, which
allows you to enact your fantasies and add a completely different level of realism
to experience. Dress up your sex doll the way you want, change the wigs,
and even the whole head.


This is the best sex doll online store for a reason.
You can customize your woman as you like, starting with the standard one
model or building it from scratch with all the features that work best
You like them. Regardless of whether it is a slim blonde curvy
Asian, athletic mulatto or brunette with a big butt and breasts - you can
surrender to your own fantasy.
We have a choice of small sex dolls from 100 cm tall, 170 cm each and
special PLUS SIZE dolls.

Materials and workmanship.

TPE: A thermoplastic elastomer is a blend of polymers, usually a blend
rubber and other plastics that are bound to create
soft, flexible and tactile properties extremely similar to
genuine leather. They can be molded to a variety of hardnesses, which are very
desirable when creating sex toys. After hardening of these
polymers can be given very detailed and durable forms.
Silicone: It has been a staple in the sex toy industry for years, and
thanks to improved production methods, they keep getting better. In
Unlike latex and rubber of the past, silicone is resistant to
operation of elements, various types of lubricants and multiple use i
cleaning every time. Our dolls are constructed from grade polymers
medical equipment to improve hygiene and safety of use.

Customizable functions

Breast size / type: From firm to soft, natural in sizes
of cups from B to H, your doll can satisfy even the most demanding tastes.
Body Type: Petite and short to thick or round, everyone has their own preferences so you can choose what you really want.
Skin Tone: Whether you want pale, porcelain or
caramel color or black leather, we have it at hand.
Hair Color: With a full range of wigs to choose from, you can indulge in your fantasies
with redhead, brunette, straight and dark or blonde with curly hair, as only
you want!
Eye color: the details make life worth living, and these details
really bring your sex doll to life. Choose from dozens of different
colors and even fantastic sets to spice up the moment.

What are the advantages of our dolls?

  • Made of special silicone and cyber skin perfectly
    reflecting human skin.
  • 2 X more durable material than standard TPE!
  • Easier to clean.
  • The skeleton is made of strong and durable steel.
  • 100% full body, perfectly imitating a woman!
  • Premium version! 

What else will you gain by buying this beautiful doll?

  • In addition to unforgettable experiences, you will also receive:
  • A wig
  • Irrigator for cleaning the vagina
  • Sexy lingerie (may differ from the pictures)
  • USB vaginal warmer
  • Random pairs of eyes

When shopping in our store, you will also gain full privacy and confidence,
that we will deliver your package discreetly, because the package does not reveal